Interfaith Activities and Collaboration

Over the years we’ve been asked what exactly it means to be a faith-based interfaith organization. Participation in the Faith and Family Homelessness Project gave us a taste of interfaith collaboration. Recent activities in Mukilteo surrounding the plan to build a mosque have given us an opportunity to rise to where our organization always should have been — a partner in community conversation, building strong working relationships, increased understanding, and opportunities to know each other as individuals. Mary Ellen Wood, our executive director, recently attended a variety of recent interfaith gatherings:

  • Trinity Lutheran Lynnwood – An evening to promote understanding among Muslim, Christian and Jewish communities.
  • Pointe of Grace Mukilteo – An informational meeting about Islam and the plans for the mosque in Mukilteo. The second gathering was an Iftar.
  • “Just A Moment” — On May 31st Interfaith sponsored a gathering for hearing sacred words and writings from many faith traditions.

Moving forward, Interfaith is designing “Interfaith Supper Conversations.” You can join the small group of people doing the thinking and planning for this! Discussions were animated and ideas put forth at the May 31st gathering. Interfaith as offered to be the hub (not the sole planner) of several ideas:

  • An interfaith gathering for kids/youth to hear sacred writings and words from many faith traditions
  • Creating an interfaith activity-oriented class for kids/youth to learn about many faith traditions
  • Find a resource for a class on Islam (and potentially other faith traditions)

There is so much energy and potential to help with deep and meaningful change. Contact us to collaborate!