Volunteers set to transform The Family Shelter on Comcast Cares Day

You’re invited to join the crew of volunteers who will be cleaning, painting, organizing and gardening on Saturday, April 21st organized by Comcast Cares Day. Click here to sign-up

The Family Shelter is scheduled for a deep cleaning, painting and more on Saturday, April 21st. Up to 55 volunteers will be onsite making repairs and improvements needed to keep the Shelter a safe, comfortable place as part of Comcast Cares Day, a celebration of the company’s year-round commitment to volunteerism.

You’re invited!

You’re invited to join the crew led by Debbie Bearman, project lead and Karl Kraft, Jr, the site coordinator from Comcast Cares. Skills needed include building/assembly, cleaning, gardening, landscaping (i.e. mulching, sodding, etc.), organizing and painting. Tasks will include tending to spaces in need of repair and care, including common areas inside the shelter, the raised vegetable gardens, kid’s outdoor areas and fences. Click here to sign up.

Food and clothing donations

We hope you’ll join us for this special day to pitch-in and help transform the shelter for Cares Day. Coffee and breakfast snacks will be available in the morning and lunch will be provided in the afternoon. If you’re unable to attend and want to help, consider contributing to the food and clothing drive to help stock the facility for the residents.

About Comcast Cares Day

In addition to the volunteers at the Shelter, more than 100,000 others across the country and around the world will be joining together to make change happen as part of Cares Day. Comcast employees work in conjunction with their families, friends and community partners to beautify schools, clean up parks, mentor nonprofits. This year marks the 16th annual Comcast Cares Day. #ComcastCaresDay