In 2008, Interfaith Family Shelter served:

  • 44 families (including 150 people)
    With 28,388 meals
    10,220 bednights (A "bednight" = one night of safe, secure housing for one person.)
    837 hours of case management.
  • 54% were children under 17 years of age
  • Average household size was 3.36 people
  • 36% of families were headed by a single mother
  • 10% of families were headed by a single father
  • 18% of clients were African American and 9% Hispanic; the remainder were Caucasian
  • 3% of clients had a disability
  • 28% of clients had no health insurance
  • 56% of adults had graduated high school, earned a GED, or some post-secondary education
  • 33% of families had income from employment, 69% had income from TANF or other government program, and 12% had no income
  • 75% of families were below Federal Poverty Level when they entered the shelter

During 2008:

  • 33 families with 111 people exited the shelter
  • The average stay was 94 days
  • The shortest stay was 5 days.
  • We measured the following outcomes at exit:

Increase stability in housing for low-income families.

    73% moved into transitional or permanent housing.
    76% had adequate resources to support employment or educational goals (transportation, childcare, work clothing, etc.).

Increase financial literacy among families.

    79% developed a household budget.
    70% maintained their household budget
    89% had adequate income to meet their basic needs. [Many moved into transitional or subsidized housing, so housing costs were minimal.]

Increase parenting skills and healthy family relationships.

    In 70% of families, members used communication techniques to maintain positive relationships.
    In 76% of families, parents recognized and responded appropriately to their childrenís developmental and educational needs.

Increase connection to additional support services.

    76% of families recognized solutions needed and identified resources to reach their goals. 79% of families accessed identified resources and services.

In fiscal year 2007-08, Interfaith Housing Partnership provided permanent service-enriched housing for 5 families with 15 people. Three local congregations donated subsidies to keep rent at equal or less than 30% of the household income. Interfaith provides case management.

Homelessness prevention in fiscal year 2007-08:

  • Our shelter provided funding to 16 families comprising 57 people to assist with moving-related expenses from our shelter to more permanent housing.
  • Through funding and referrals from local congregations, our Community Assistance Program provided 42 households comprising 107 individuals with thousands of dollars in financial assistance for eviction prevention, utilities, food, and transportation. These funds provided 2,716 bednights of rental or utility assistance that allowed people to stay in their homes.